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What is MoneyCell?

MoneyCell is an innovative mobile payment service, which allows you to reinvent your life. It turns your cell phone into an electronic wallet, and gives you the flexibility to control the content 24 × 7.

What can I do with MoneyCell?

Deposit money
Withdrawing Money
Send money to any mobile number
Receive Money
Buying prepaid refills
Pay bills postpaid
Traders pay

Who is eligible to have a MoneyCell account?

Anyone aged 13 or older is eligible to hold a MoneyCell account. You must provide a valid ID with picture, when you open your account.

How can I create a MoneyCell account?

We have agents to open accounts MoneyCell. You have to go to one of our representatives to complete the following steps:
• Submit the form to open an account signed, if it is not already online. The signature on the account opening form should be the same as the proof of your identity
• Provide proof of valid photo ID
• Provide a valid address
• The officer will be asked to create a security PIN
The option to purchase a sticker (Tag) once registration is completed, in order to connect directly to your account so that you can navigate through our dealer network.
You will also have the option to power on site MoneyCell your account to instantly start using our services.

Do I have to maintain a minimum balance in my account MoneyCell?


How can I find your representatives?

Should I pay to register my account MoneyCell?

No, opening an account is free

Can I use my account MoneyCell when I'm out of the country?

Yes, you can access your account via the Internet worldwide

What is a PIN?

The PIN is the four-digit number you should choose when you open your account in order to make transactions at Merchant.

My PIN expires he?

The PIN changes only if you want

Vous devez effectuez une demande de changement en ligne ou contacter notre service à la clientèle

You must make a change request online or contact our customer service

I did not receive a confirmation SMS what should I do?

Make sure your box mobile reception is not full; if not, you can report it to our customer service. In case of technical problem, the necessary steps will be taken.

What is the difference between a registered and an unregistered client?

A registered customer is one who already holds a MoneyCell account. A registered customer can deposit, withdraw, transfer money, ... using his MoneyCell account. While a non-registered customer is a person who has not MoneyCell account and can use the grid only to withdraw money sent by a registered customer.

What is the deadline for a client retrieves the unregistered funds that are addressed?

30 days

How to withdraw money from his account MoneyCell?

You must be present with valid identification at one of our representatives

What are the transaction fees?

How to be part of the distribution network?

You can apply online or download our application form and send it by mail, or we bring in one of our offices.

How can I have the application on my mobile phone?

Download our application directly on our website by clicking on the picture of it

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